Online file storage systems

Today i have looked at three different file storage systems. These are Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive. Each of these systems had there pros and cons which i will discuss below.

Dropbox was the first of the cloud storage systems offered on the market. They system provides the smallest amount of storage space (2GB) when compared with the other 3 but it is the oldest and most well established online storage system available. From my experience i believe Dropbox to be the least useful of all the systems available because firstly due to the small storage limit and secondly because of the lack of a collaborative editing tool or even a web based editing system at all. 

SkyDrive is the newest entry to the market and offers the greatest amount of storage. As a student SkyDrive has a huge advantage for me in that it allows the direct editing of MS word and excel of the drive along with the ability to use collaborative editing. This makes Skydrive a hugely powerful tool given the popularity of MS office products. 

Google Drive was produced by the same team that made Google docs and it offers 5GB of storage. The only disadvantage i see in the use of Google drive is that it uses it own editing system separate for MS office meaning that any MS file uploaded will need to downloaded in order to edit. If you are not an MS office user this storage system will be just as useful as Skydrive. A big advantage of G drive is that it supports many different file types making it very versatile.

In conclusion, in my experience as a student using online storage systems i have ranked the following in terms of usefulness 

  1. SkyDrive
  2. Google Drive
  3. Dropbox 


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